Throw Pillow

My brother is a saddle maker, actually anything with leather. He had a bunch of leather left over pieces he had been keeping for years. He gave them to me and said “see what you can do with these.” I decided to design and make leather throw pillows, for bed or sofa ect. One day while my sister and I were out feeding the horses, I spotted a bird carcass in one of the small horse pastures. A coyote or fox had taken it down and got in with two of the horses, dropped what was left of it. The horses don’t like dogs of any kind, things were kind of torn up!! I don’t know what kind of bird it was, just large. The feathers were just the right color for one of the pillows I was working on. I took what was left and plucked feathers… I cleaned them up and dried the quills. I put some on the pillow, they were just perfect. I do pen and ink drawings on some of the pillows. This is a photo of the pillow with my feathers.